Alton Towers

Alton Towers


  •  Educational Talks

    Lasting around forty minutes each there is a question time at the end and supporting literature may be available upon request.

    New for 2012 

    Geography at Alton Towers – Key Stages 3, 4

    Impact – Key Stage 3 – The effects of Alton Towers on the surrounding area. Focuses on the social, economic and environmental effects. Relevant to students studying the impacts of tourism at Key Stage 3 or GSCE.

    History of the Towers – Key Stage 3

    What past secrets do the Towers possess? This new tour is for students to look at  the historic story of the house, gardens and grounds.

      key stage 1n2 

    Science & Citizenship: Snacks, Shelter & Safety

    PHSE: Road Safety

    key stage 3n4

    Business Studies

    Thirty years of Alton Towers  and how the brand has evolved, brand positioning, utilising profits, organisational structure and our business aims.

    Business Studies

    The objectives of our marketing department and the use of past and present campaigns to show the principles of advertising, promotion and market research.

    Business Studies

    How we motivate our team to give excellent customer service and managing customer expectations.

    Health & Safety

    A look at the Health and Safety Policy, Security operation, First Aid centre, ride safety and how we look after our visitors.

    Human Resources

    How we recruit, train, manage and motivate hundreds of staff.Find out about the legal requirements in Human Resources today.


    ICT working in various departments throughout Alton Towers Resort. From admissions and communications to  call handling.

    Business Studies

    Key departments and their responsibilities; including Welcome, Rides, Waterpark, Hotels, Finance and  HR.

    Design & Technology: Structure and Design

    The Market research, Planning and commercial issues of designing a new ride with an on-site demonstration explaining the system, controls, mechanisms and motion.

    Design & Technology: Systems and Controls

    A close-up of the various elements needed to control a successful ride, with an on-site demonstration. Includes PLCS, fail-safe mechanisms, animatronics and ride sensors.

    Science: Rollercoasters & Relativity

    How gravity and speed affect you on a rollercoaster. The forces of acceleration, velocity, energy and friction as well as the centrifugal and centripetal forces.

    Key Stage 4n5

    Business Studies and Marketing: TH13TEEN

    Maintaining secrecy, prior to launch,  isn’t an easy task. A new talk discussing the practicalities of launching a new ride using THI3TEEN as a study. We explore how the ride was designed and built then look at how it fits within Alton Towers and how we created the marketing campaign.

    Travel & Tourism: Alton Towers as a Hospitality Business and Customer Service

    We use Alton Towers as study in hospitality exploring the products and services the resort has to offer. 

    We investigate the resort hospitality and the importance of customer service.

    Business and Employment

    Where we investigate employment, the variety of roles and structure, giving an insight into the daily experience of a staff member.